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除了更新RYS 200标准外,我们还改善了整个申请流程。改善后的流程将新增额外元素,共同责任更大,可满足或超越新标准的要求。

New RYS 200 Application Process
New RYS 200 Application Process. 查看完整尺寸。



Yoga Alliance has up-leveled its application process to ensure integrity of the enhancements made to the new RYS 200 standards.

Let’s walk through this infographic.

Aspiring RYS 200s will submit an array of application components, including letters of intent, training materials, outlines of their assessment methods, and information on things such as trainer:trainee ratio and trainee prerequisites.

If needed, Credentialing Advisors are available who can answer any questions and provide clarification where need be.

Once ready, the aspiring RYS 200s submit their applications to Yoga Alliance, paying an application fee at this time.

A peer review-style panel will thoughtfully review each application in a fair, consistent, and thorough fashion.

If everything goes well, accepted schools may choose to join Yoga Alliance as RYS 200s and can start marketing their programs. Schools pay a credentialing fee at this time. Each year after this, the RYS 200s will renew their credentials. After three years, they will begin the re-credentialing process to ensure that they still meet or exceed the Yoga Alliance standards for an RYS 200.

In the case when an application does not meet the standards, the school will need to correct or update its application materials and re-submit its application for consideration as an RYS 200.

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  • 如果您有问题,我们的资质顾问可以为您作答,并就任何新申请要求或升级后的标准进行说明。
  • 为确保审核流程公平、一致、充分,我们将建立学术风格的同行评审小组。
  • 每三年,RYS资质持有者需要按照RYS 200新标准,进行重新认证。




Professional interest in compliance enforcement. Standards Review Project Survey, 2018


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