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Strengthened Application and Review Process

Last Updated: February 27, 2020

Beginning February 27, 2020, all new applicants for any Registered Yoga School (RYS) credential will apply under a strengthened application and review process, providing greater shared accountability to meet or exceed Yoga Alliance's standards.

The enhanced application allows for a deeper understanding of an applicant’s yoga teacher training program, including schedule, curriculum, assessment methods, and training manual(s) and other materials. A key addition to the application is the requirement for all new RYS programs to have their own policies, such as a Code of Conduct, Grievance Policy (including anti-harassment language), an Anti-Retaliation Policy, and a Refund Policy.

In addition, we have adopted several new processes that are considered best practice and common for credentialing organizations, including:

  • An academic-style peer review panel that will help ensure a fair, consistent, and thorough review process; and
  • A re-credentialing process that an RYS 200 will enter into once it operates under the new RYS 200 standards.

When current RYS 200 programs choose to up-level, they will have to abide by this new enhanced application process, too.

To support new or renewing members through the enhanced RYS application process, Yoga Alliance has put together a Guidebook to RYS Application. This guidebook includes helpful application resources.


New RYS Application Process. View full size.

Have questions on the RYS application? Watch the Unpacking the Upleveled Standards workshop hosted by the Yoga Alliance Credentialing Team. They answer frequently asked questions, explain the application requirements, and provide an overview of the review process. To schedule a pre-application consultation call, we encourage applicants to contact the Credentialing Team directly by emailing


To download the Guidebook to RYS Application, click here.


Questions about our new standards? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Professional interest in compliance enforcement. Standards Review Project Survey, 2018

For answers to common questions about our new standards, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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