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Last Updated: November 24, 2020

We understand our membership trusts and leans on us as their guiding professional entity, and we take this responsibility seriously.

As the leading nonprofit association representing the global yoga community, it is essential we lay a strong foundation from which our organization can successfully serve. By thoughtfully defining association values, unifying Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Foundation around a shared vision, and clearly outlining our mission, we’re poised to effectively foster and support the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.


The following five values operate as a guiding compass and moral lens through which we serve. These values influence all association happenings from leadership decision-making to membership communications and all initiatives, offerings, and services in between.



We believe the essence, study, practice, and teaching of yoga is a holistic system of growth and wellbeing for individuals and communities. In this spirit, we celebrate the vast richness of yoga’s roots amongst its many lineages and traditions.



We encourage ourselves and others to be responsible for our thoughts, words, actions, and our impact on the environment, and to remain accountable for ourselves and others.



We actively encourage, invite, and consider new information and remain open to evolving points of view. This is so we can continually improve and grow rather than stand static in pre-existing knowledge and assumptions.



We strive to foster a more equitable yoga community and commit to surfacing and reducing barriers to safe and accessible teaching and practice for all people.



We approach our work in the yogic spirit of service and support yoga teachers’ efforts to do so, too.


The fives values of unity, integrity, inquiry, equity, and Seva help to advance Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Foundation’s shared vision:

A world in which our collective wellbeing and human consciousness is elevated through equitable access to the high quality teaching and practice of yoga.


Together, Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Foundation strive to make positive impact on our members’ lives and the broader yoga community by increasing access, safety, and equity for yoga schools, teachers, and students everywhere.

As the largest nonprofit organization serving the yoga community across the globe, Yoga Alliance advances the evolving profession of yoga teaching through supporting the professional growth and development of yoga schools and teachers. It does this by:

  • Surfacing and reducing barriers of entry to the yoga industry;
  • Encouraging safe yoga instruction by promoting the adoption of Yoga Alliance’s quantitative standards and member-wide Ethical Commitment; and
  • Offering high-value benefits to Yoga Alliance members, among others.

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As our nonprofit charity, the Yoga Alliance Foundation leverages yoga for social impact. It does this by:

  • Broadening access to yoga’s healing potential;
  • Fostering greater equity and more diverse representation within the yoga community; and
  • Expanding educational, service, and economic opportunities for yoga teachers.

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